Au pair room

As a family member for a defined period of time, the au pair has a right to their own room. It should be at least 9m² and have a window. Furthermore, just like the rooms of all other family members, the au pair accommodation should be furnished and equipped with heating. To ensure that the au pair's privacy is protected, the room has to have a lock and key. Obviously, the family makes the room available for use free of charge. In fact the word "au pair" means "in mutuality". This means that the au pair helps with childcare and light housework and in return receives free board and lodging as well as pocket money. 
Some host families also make a private bathroom available to their au pair. However, this is not compulsory. In fact the au pair can use the communal bathroom along with all of the other members of the family. As the objective is for the au pair to be intergrated into the family as a big brother or sister, the room should be within the family home. In exceptional cases it is sometimes possible to accommodate the au pair outside of the family home. It is the au pair's responsibility to clean their own private space.