Why choose us?

There are several organizations offering au pair services in China, they each have different modes of operation. As a company we stand out from the rest due to our professionalism, honesty and dedication to help people who would like to work as au pair in China to be connected with the right families. The following are the reasons which we remain the best among the companies offering au pair services in China, these factors for form the reason why anyone wishing looking to work as an au pair in China need to choose us.

Professional team work: We have a team of highly trained and dedicated staff, ready to serve you at all time and offer the necessary assistance.

Au pairs staying all over China:: We have au pairs working in different parts of China, there are no restrictions as to where an individual can work, and as long as there is a vacancy we are glad to connect them with the host family.

Good Services: We ensure that all our clients are satisfied; we provide them with all the necessary information to help them start their lives as an au pair in China.

Orientation training: You will be trained before being sent to a given family, this will give you a head start as you embark on the new opportunity as an au pair.

Professional program system: There are professional programs in place to help you adopt easily, take advantage of these and your stay in China will be awesome.

Being an au pair gives you an amazing experience in China, it helps you get free accommodation while your stay in the country and at the same time gives you a chance to learn a language surrounded by native speakers.