What does aupair do?

Daily work and responsibility as an au pair

As an au pair, you will be expected to work for less than thirty hours in a week. The job will entail, taking care of the children, escorting them to school, playing and teaching them while they are at home. In most of the families au pairs is a member of the families so at that time you will be getting invitations to social and family events and gatherings , here you will not be an au pair but as one of the family members.

Working schedule

The daily work schedule will entail waking up early, preparing the children for school and escorting them to their respective learning institutions.

How to stay with kids

As an au pair, you will pick the kids from school and stay with them, teach and play together.

The family role

You might also be required to take care of the whole family, in some household, you will be treated as a family member, and therefore your role in the family will be just to assist on the domestic chores as you would do in your family.

How to finish the contract period

Normally one takes a contract of 3, 6 or 12 months, one is free to terminate the contract once it expires, on the same note it can be extended as long as one would wish to stay with the family. While working as an au pair one is supposed to abide by the regulations set forth by International Au Pair Association and China Au Pair Association and above all obeys the national laws.

Happy life in China

Living and working in China as an au pair is exciting, the fact that the roles are different from what one would expect in European country makes the stay a happy one. An au pair is treated with respect, as one of the family members; this makes her/him feel comfortable in a country that is thousand miles away from home.