Family Matching

It is our responsibility to match a family with an au pair of choice. All the family needs to do is get the details from our consulting manager. Complete family application form, through filling all the necessary details. We will recommend an au pair from the list of the interviewees in our data bank. We will give the necessary details to allow the prospective host family communicates with the au pair candidate.

The host family has an option of calling through Skype or wechat or even through email. Once you conduct the interview make a decision, if you feel that the chosen au pair is the best for you, make arrangement for them to come to China.

The family needs to prepare for the au pair arrival, all the members especially the kids, need to be prepared well in advance. All the necessary information need to be passed to the members, this allows smooth transition both for the family as well as the au pair. A situation where the parties are overwhelmed by the culture shock can be devastating, this will mean a bad start and it can affect the whole family.Get the room where the au pair will be staying ready.

Start experiencing the real au pair family life, it is necessary to get some information about the au pair culture. Learn some basics to allow you to cope easily. This should also be done to the kids, prepare them for the coming au pair.

Au pair in China will give your family a perfect opportunity to experience a new culture, allow the kids to be brought up in a diverse environment. This will help them in appreciating the diversity of the universe, respect other people and also learn a new language.