We are living in a time where the world is more integrated, where we need to learn foreign languages and cultures. They will give us an edge, as well as make us remain competitive. Kids need to be taught a foreign language as well as culture right from an early age. One of the effective ways to achieve this is through an au pair. You will have somebody to take care of the kids, play with and teach them. Au pair program allows you to host a foreigner, somebody who speaks English or any other foreign language of interest.

These are the benefits of having an au pair in your family:

  • You will create an English environment for the family and the children.
  • Kids will learn to speak English or any other language of interest at an early age.
  • They will be taught a foreign culture of interest right from their tender age, making it easy to interact with other people in the world and also fitting well in foreign environment.
  • They will feel the world at an early age; they will know there exist other people, languages and cultures beyond the borders and not only theirs.
  • You will teach the kids to be open minded
  • Having a foreigner in the house will teach the kids to live with others in the society and more in a diverse environment
  • This has been recognized as the best way to learn a language, having a teacher in the house all the time, she is able to guide the kids, it is a perfect environment for learning,. It is a shift from the traditional language learning modes.

Au pair in China is transforming the way we bring up our children; it is helping them to get the necessary exposure, become truly global citizens, people who have learnt foreign culture as well as languages.