The selection process can be vigorous, this is to ensure that we get the right people, the same applies to host families, we also ensure that we are getting genuine hosts. The matching process starts with an interview, connecting the two parties, that is the au pair candidate with the host family and them facilitating for the smooth transition for both parties.

Interview with the agency

Before any matching with a family, we will first conduct an interview with you. Contact us and fill all the necessary application forms, send the necessary documents such as copy of passport, photos and a letter addressed to a family among other requirements. We will contact you and conduct an interview through Skype. In this interview, you have to convince the agency that you have what it takes to work as an au pair in China. If you pass the interview the agency will begin the matching process. For you to pass the interview, you need to have fulfilled all the requirements that are stipulated by the company and also the industry standards. You will get the communication of the interview performance within a reasonable time; instructions will be clearly stated on the next course of action after the interview.

Successful matching

After passing the interview, the agency will connect you with the host family. Matching you with a host family will be influenced by several factors such as the available family, location and also your preferences. We will first go by your choice; if there is an available vacancy we will give you the contacts and also inform the family to initiate the process.
The agency has the responsibility of matching you with a host family, the family will send an email , you will decide whether you want to get in touch with them, this will be a video chat through Skype. If you are interested in working for the family that has initiated contact, you can arrange for a meeting through the convenient means. While selecting the medium of communication take into consideration its availability on both ends and also the time difference.

How to have a nice interview in first talking

Prepare yourself for the interview; answer all the question that you will be asked precisely and clear. You also have a chance to seek clarifications in the area that feel more information is required. Remember to be courteous during the interview and also only provide the information that is required at this point. You do not need to give unnecessary details, on your side seek all the information that will help in making a decision.
While selecting a host family do not only focus on the host city, know the family well, also allow them to get more information about you. Make sure the hosts you have selected will meet your expectations.

Au Pair in China

Get ready for life as an au pair in China, it is going to be a nice experience, a chance to learn a new culture and language too, right from the people who practice the culture and speak the language. You have a variety of cities and regions to choose from Shanghai, Guangzhou Hangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen among others. You will have a chance to experience a new life, in a whole new region. There is a lot to learn, you will be a completely changed person by the time you are completing the program, you will be more knowledgeable and enlightened.
Working as an au pair in China, will not only be about the experience, it is also a chance to earn some money, especially when you are in between semesters. You will earn some monthly allowance and you will be provided with all the personal equipments.
It is also a chance for you to know the different parts of the country; once in a while you will be granted permission to visit areas of choice. Also within the family, there are outings and excursions or even family visits where you will be part of the large family.
Spend your gap year working as an au pair in China, it is the best experience you can ever have, it presents so many opportunities some that can only be enjoyed while in a family setting. Build relationships and learn international cultures through working as an au pair. The workload is not much compared to some countries where one is expected to carry out all household chores, in most families you may only be expected to take care of the children something that can be done with a lot of ease. If you need more information on the country or specific city, feel free to contact us, we will gladly offer all that is required.