Tickets : Once you the host family has contacted and have agreed on their terms, start preparing for departure. You will need air tickets to the host city. Book your flight; you may take an one way or a return flight. Look for the most affordable deals; it is cheaper to travel on weekdays. Make sure you familiarise yourself with all the travel requirements, make sure your passport is valid and if you do not have one start the process of acquiring the document early enough before the actual travel date. Have your visa processed and also ensure that any other travel requirement is fulfilled. It pays to start the preparations early enough; this ensures that you will not start rushing a few days to your travel.

Insurance : Insurance is a requirement to anyone who is working in China .All the current au pairs are covered under the insurance policy which has been arranged by au pair Shanghai. You will need to provide us with details before hand so that we can arrange for the cover.

Mandarin Lessons : If you are not familiar with Chinese Mandarin, you need to learn the basics, you need to take Mandarin lessons to impart you with the language mastery, and this will help you a great deal when communicating with your host family.
It can be difficulty when moving into a family where none of the members can speak any of the languages that you understand, through learning a bit of Mandarin before moving into China; this will give you an advantage. While in China, aim at perfecting the language skills, take advantage of the lessons offered by different institutions, get free lessons from the family members.

Visa : It is a requirement for all visitors to acquire a Visa, therefore make arrangement in advance preferably months before the actual departure. All the Visa fees will be covered.

Pocket Money : You need to have some pocket money with you while travelling; you also need some money to help you attend the mandarin lessons for approximately four weeks. Make a list of everything that will be needed, using the local currency estimate how much be required for the whole duration.

Extra bonus : Exemplary performance as an au pair will earn you extra money, in appreciation for a good work a bonus will be given, this is actually over and above the normal payment. This stresses on the need to dedicate all the efforts towards making your employer happy, these are the people who will appraise your performance, be respectful to them , work hard and your exemplary performance will be noted.

Completion Payment : One you complete your contract, you will get the final payment and all other allowances as stipulated in the contract. The amount received will serve as the last payment upon completing the contract period. You may know in advance what is expected, allowing you to plan effectively.

Au Pair Meetings : There will be constant au pair meetings where you share with others on your experiences. This will allow the au pairs to exchange information, ideas and knowledge on au pair services. It is also a chance for you to learn more about your role as an au pair in China.

Friends Making : Meetings allow the au pairs to make friends and contacts. One will meet new friends and at the same time network with others, learn about their experiences and also different parts of the country.

Au pair in China : Working as an au pair in China is one of the best in the world; the au pair is treated with utmost respect.