About Us

Hi,we are Au Pair Shanghai

Reliable partners

Au Pair Shanghai were founded to connect people and to give them a unique opportunity to plunge into a Chinese culture. It is very important to be sure of your safety and full awareness of what are you going to do. If you are going abroad as an Au Pair – this is especially important. That’s why our solid team of professionals cares so thoroughly about their customers. We will be the one who will help you to find your perfect match in the ways that best serve your interests. And when matching will happen, we will assist with all the documentation and will make Au Pair arriving as easy as it possible. Our customers get a reliable partner who accompanies them throughout the entire program.

Orientation Course

We completely understand how hard it is to change the familiar environment to a new unexplored world. That’s why we provide an orientation service which will help you to integrate into the new culture. We realize how unconfident one feels when he crosses the border of his homeland and get into the strangers house. Our job is to make it as comfortable and smooth as it can be. Our Chinese course not only includes language learning, but also prepares you for different situations you can get into in China.

Convenience support

Our company has a large pool of applicants and host families and we never stop looking for new candidates who want to participate in a culture exchange. We are making sure that your participation in the program will be pleasant and your experience will leave you with happy memories for your whole life. That’s why we have 24/7 phone support, which you can rely on in any confusing situation.