Meet Anna

Written by Admin,   on May 29, 2018

Anna 22 years of age, from Finland. She is currently bases in Beijing, caring for little Sophia(6 years old).

Au Pair Shanghai- How did you hear about our Agency/Program and why did you choose Au Pair? 

Anna - I heard about the Au Pair Agency through a Chinese family I met via the internet, they then forwarded my contact to the agency.

I chose to be an Au  Pair as I had been unemployed at the time but I was interested in traveling anyway.

Au Pair Shanghai- How did u find our placement process?

Anna - I found the placement process to be very quick and simple for me.

Au Pair Shanghai- How did you feel about leaving your country?

Anna - Of Course I was scared to leave my country and all that I am familiar with, but I was very curious also and had been dreaming about Asia for the longest time.

Au Pair Shanghai- Have you made any friend since your arrival? 

I have met a lot of awesome people and have made many precious friends.

Au Pair Shanghai- What are your future plans? 

Anna - In future I will embrace this experience and I wish to continue studying.

Thank You Anna for taking the time to answer our questions. Wishing you all the best for your future plans.

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