Let's meet Susan

Written by Admin,   on Apr 29, 2018

Susan 27,from South Africa,  based in Shanghai, looking after two boys .

"The best thing i have done since my arrival is make lots of friends"

Au Pair Shanghai - what made you decide to participate in the Au Pair program?

Susan - My mother has always wanted me to participate in Au Pair programs from when I completed high school as she saw my love for children and therefore thought I would manage however I had other interests then, a few years later I was introduced to Au Pair Shanghai by my agency back home,I gave the program some thought as I also saw it as a chance to learn and experience a different culture and the program also offers free Chinese classes best way to learn a new language.

Au Pair Shanghai - Tell us about the matching process, did you have any expectations?

Susan - fortunately I would say I was lucky, matching process was very quick to my surprise, I applied and got an interview and it was with one family that liked me and was a very good family. I did'nt have much expectations but because I was to leave my country,family and friends behind it was only fair that I want to be matched with good people.

Au Pair Shanghai - How did yau feel about leaving your country & how are you finding the new environment?

Susan - It was a little difficult because I had never left my country before let alone my home,but it was an exciting feeling just as much. I have adapted to the new environment,I feel that to be happy in a place wherever it is you have to be willing to adapt to what the environment proposes to you. The culture is different yes,but I have learnt so much that I wish to take back home with me.

Au Pair - Have you made friends since your arrival in China? 

Susan - The best thing I have done since my arrival is make a lot of friends, who have been great help and pretty much become sisters from another mother. I have not only made friends with other Au Pairs but I have made Chinese friends as well who have shared a lot with me to make my stay in China pleasant.

Au Pair Shanghai - Do you have any plans for the future?

Susan - yes I wish to continue studying and having been in a new environment,I have yet discovered my hidden talents I want to take on in the  coming year. Will I love to come back to China? Of course I would love to come back soon after I have put my plans to rest.

Thank you Susan for answering our questions, we wish you all the best of luck...

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