8 Interesting Facts about Chinese Students

Written by Admin,   on May 8, 2020

Student’s life is not easy anywhere in the world but it is a bit more stressful and stricter in China. Our Au pairs try to show Chinese kids that education can be achieved also another ways than studying till late every day. 

1. Studies show that Chinese kids spend more time on homework than French, Japanese and Korean kids. On average Chinese students spend 9.2 hours per day doing schoolwork. Considering that they start at kindergarten when they are 4 years old and they graduate from the university when they are around 23 years old, it means they spend 63 802 hours on schoolwork, which means 7.28 years of their student life. Remember just schoolwork! 

2. Chinese kids spend at school 9 hours per day, so they work one hour more than normal workers.

3. In order to increase the possibilities of the children to be accepted by a good university; the parents register them in all kind of extra-curricular activities. They have to attend these classes also during weekends.

 4. When Chinese children turn 3 years old their sleeping hours begin to decrease. By the time they are 12 years old they sleep less than 8 hours. It is definitely not good for their health. 

5. Chinese students consider Maths as one of the hardest subjects at school and they spend lots of time on studying it.

6. According to the PISA report, students with the best performance and the highest score are in Shanghai, this explains why Shanghai has the highest consumption of electricity with all these kids studying and doing their homework until late hours.

7. For Chinese students the most important thing is to get a high score because this is the only way to get praised by their parents and be admired by their mates. For some of them it’s also the only way to get a better life.

 8. Students can’t bring their own lunch to school and they all have to eat the school canteen’s lunch. Even when they don’t like it. Many students always complain about the terrible taste of the canteen food but if they don’t eat it, their teachers will punish them.

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Credits of the picture: TheEconomist ( https://www.economist.com/open-future/2018/06/11/how-chinese-students-exercise-free-speech-abroad )

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