How to Stay Healthy in China?

Written by Admin,   on Jun 5, 2020

Living in China and trying to keep your body in shape could be a very hard battle. Many foreigners complain how oily and unhealthy Chinese food could be. In China you can find a wide variety of fried food and heavy sauces. Not everything is as bad as it seems though, you just need to learn what to order and take care of the portions you eat. We want to offer you healthy options and some tips:

Go for Lean Protein

Protein is important to keep your body healthy and is essential for many body functions. According to the National Academy of Science healthy women should consume around 45 grams of protein per day and healthy man should consume 52 grams. In China you can find lean sources of protein such as shrimp, skinless chicken breast and tofu. You can find several options of steamed shrimp, steamed chicken, delicious fish dishes and tofu. Say NO to fried protein!!

Choose the Right Carbs

In China you can find all kind of vegetables that are a great source of healthy carbs and high in dietary fiber. Chinese really know how to prepare vegetables dishes, some of them are:

  • 地三鲜 dì sān xiān, from Northeastern China, this dish is made with sauted potated, green peppers, eggplant, ginger and onions.
  • 蒜蓉西兰花 suànróng xīlánhuā, you can find this dish all over China. The ingredients are broccoli, garlic, tofu, peppers, soy sauce, ginger and scallions. With this dish you will be eating your lean protein and healthy carbs.
  • 花生菠菜 huāshēng bōcài, a dish that you can find everywhere in China. This dish includes peanuts, spinach and garlic. It can be spicy if they use wasabi roots.

 Also, in China you will find lots of street vendors selling roast corn, sweet potatos and fruits. This can be an option for a healthy snack. 

Adopt Some Chinese Habits 

To keep your body in shape and stay healthy you can adopt some Chinese habits, such as:

  • Drink warm/hot water; this will help your digestive system to work more efficiently. Some experts say drinking warm or hot water helps for weight loss by boosting your metabolism.
  • Use chopsticks instead of fork and knife; according to some experts’ opinion eating with chopsticks helps you to eat less because you will be taking smaller mouthfuls and you will be more conscious about what you are eating.
  • Enjoy a good sleep; ancients Chinese believe that the key for being healthy is by letting your body recovers with a good sleep every night. According to Chinese philosophy when the Yang energy enters to the Yin, it is the time when people sleep and is a natural process that we need to do every day.

Hope these tips can help you stay healthy!!

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