Event recap: Exploring the beauty of the spiral staircase

Written by Admin,   on Aug 29, 2018

Au Pair Shanghai Summer Party event recap

Exploring the beauty of the spiral staircase

Event date: 17th August

“Last Notification:Tomorrow morning at 9:45,Jingan Temple subway station, exit No.3, raining as usual. Please bring your own rain gear and sunscreen. Our journey includes a lunch within 6 hours. Walk the main way of travel,please wear more comfortable shoes.Looking forward to seeing you^^",

“We'll go regardless of wind or rain”


The typhoon "Rumbia" swept across Shanghai leaving heavy rain and huge winds throughout the week of mid August. However, this did not stop the Au pairs from gathering for this outdoor event and exploring Shanghai together.

To our Au pairs, city exploration themed parties is a more suitable and better way to understand the Chinese culture compared to Chinese language classes. 

Due to environmental and cultural reasons, spiral staircases are rarely used by buildings in China. Nevertheless, there are hidden spiral staircases scattered around Shanghai, awaiting our discovery. 

The Au pair group's journey involved 3 main stops.

1. Shanghai Ritz-calton hotel

The building was designed by an American architect named John Portman, hence it is also known as Portman, it is a large structure used for public service. To keep its concrete color and shine, the outer walls are not painted, within the walls holds the very first spiral staircase discovered by the group.

2. Shanghai PEI Mansion Hotel

Behind the Ritz-calton hotel is the PEI Mansion hotel built in 1934. It contains a variety of antique hotel lobby designs and provides a trip down memory lane to the 30s Shanghai upper class society lifestyle. 

3.Shanghai Art & Design Museum

Spending an hour at this museum has provided greater enlightenment and a more realistic experience for our foreign friends than books or movies. Compared to other methods, to understand a country, visiting its museum is the most time saving option.


Despite the rain and winds, our Au pairs had an amazing time exploring and being fascinated by different spiral staircases around Shanghai.

For event photos and a view of the places mentioned above, head over here.

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