Cinema of China

Written by Admin,   on Jul 12, 2020

Cinema was introduced in China in 1896. The history of Chinese cinematography first started in 1905. It was the year when the opera The Battle of Dingjunshan, staged successfully at the Beijing Opera, was recorded for the very first time. The centre of Chinese film, at the time, was Shanghai, where the first movie theatre was built in 1908. During the 1920s the first movie production companies, based exclusively on the native capital, were founded in Shanghai. The films produced at that time were mostly melodramas, family dramas and screen versions of Chinese legends.

The first sound film, Sing-Song Girl Red Peony, using the sound-on-disc technology, was made in 1931. The years 1933-1937 are called the first „golden era” of Chinese cinema. Shanghai, the capital city of the Chinese film industry, was also the leader in its film production.

Today, China is the home of the largest movie & drama production complex and film studios in the world and in 2010 it had the third largest film industry by number of feature films produced annually. In 2012 the country became the second-largest market in the world by box office receipts. The country has the largest number of screens in the world since 2016 and is expected to become the largest theatrical market. China has also become a major hub of business for Hollywood studios.

Looking to explore Chinese Culture, history, and people? Chinese movies could be a good starting point. 

If you’re planning to move or travel to China, to learn Chinese language, to work or maybe you’re just interested in knowing more about this exciting culture; stay where you are. We will share with you some of the best Chinese movies you can watch to learn more about this unique culture. 

These best Chinese movies have not only won the hearts and minds of the Chinese people, but also many viewers around the world: Crazy Alien, Ne Zha, The Last Sunrise, Wolf Warrior 2, The Wandering Earth, Lost in Thailand.

Have you ever noticed that there are so many scenes and elements of Chinese features in those excellent European and Hollywood movies? You must wonder where those beautiful, amazing and impressive scenes were shot, like the hometown of giant pandas in Kung Fu Panda 3, town in the Mission: Impossible 3, the unbelievable sky hole in Transformers, beautiful sightseeing in Avatar, Terracotta Warriors and Horses in The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and so on. 

They have the same answer – in China!

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