Event recap: Aupair arrival training

Written by Admin,   on Sep 22, 2018

Event recap: Aupair arrival training

Tuesday 18th September 2018

Aupairs who come to Shanghai will receive an in-person training session when they arrive. The main content of this training session revolves around how to get along with the host family and their kids, responsibilities and things to note, tailored suggestions to each case and managing cultural differences. 

Choosing to become an Aupair, is not simply choosing to go to a different country and for travelling. It is about living with the host family and mutually benefiting each other through exchanging languages and help look after the families' children in return for accommodation and pocket money. This cultural exchange will help participants immerse with the Chinese culture and truly understand it. 

The most important thing to note as an Aupair is the responsibilities associated with the name. On top of being reliable and diligent when working, being extra mindful of the safety of both the children and Aupair themselves is crucial. Additionally, during the time as an Aupair, conflict and problems will inevitably arise. Being able to understand the reasons resulting in these conflict, including cultural factors will help with resolving the issue. The key is to be adaptable, openly communicate and never give up when times are hard.

Hope everyone who attends training will gain something out of it and best wishes to all current and future Aupairs.

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