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World wide color plays a significant role to define different events in life or to even form interaction between things. In China however they use the five element theory to discribe interactions of relationships between things namely wood, fire, earth metal and water. This philosophy chooses to focus on these 5 things as they are believed to be foundamental in creating interactions within our universe. The five element theory has become widespred and used mostly in chinese medicine, fortune telling and martial arts just to name a few, each of these elements mentioned above are tied to characteristics with different aspect of nature . season ,color and shape. You then ask how these interaction come about, well here goes.. The theory itself asserts that world changes can either generate or overcome interations when it comes to the Five Elements of ( wood, earth,fire, metal and water). The Five Theory Element Philosophy fitted in every aspect now whereas before the theory came to it was a yin-yang, the two colors black and white opposes and complemented each at the same time. Establishment of the theory lead to the spectrum of color being enlarged, it moved from being plain black and white to being more lively with a touch of red, green,yellow being a total of Five main colors of significance. Now let me give you a short tour into the meaning of each color mentioned above,mainly in china.

YELLOW- Historically the color was associated with the worship of the chinese sage King, Huang Di or huang Ti known as Yellow Emperor. At the end of Huang Di's life a yellow dragon appeared, which carried the yellow emperor to heavens. Since then the color yellow as been associated with royality and within the five elements it belongs to "Earth"
BLACK- Historically the color black is assigned to young boys who continue family or ancestoral lineage, within the philosophy it a part of the water element. Today this color is seen as a color of the unknown, the color symbolising winter months.
GREEN- Historically this color symbolised growth, sprout, self assurance, healing as well as patience. Within the Five Element Theory it represents WoodThe color being a symbol of spring , everything being filled with energy and liveliness , it is believed that for a person hoping for longevity and harmony this is the best color to choose a decoration in your home.

RED- The color red is a traditional bridal color, a color of celebration filled with joy and happiness, this color  is considered a goodluck color in china, whereas in the west it is a representation of romance and love. As a Five Element color red stands for Fire.

BLACK- The Element Water is connected to the color black, being a neutral color black is associated with stability and adaptability. Black is also an expression of secrets in china( something happening in the shadow).

WHITE-This is the color of Metal  which on one side it symbolizes brightness ,purity and fulfilment, on the other side its is also a color of mourning in china, are worn or represented in funerals and ghost festival

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