Meet Sade Lee Samuels

Written by Admin,   on Apr 19, 2018

"As much as iv always wanted to explore the world, the time came too soon..but i am slowly adapting to the new environment"

Sade Lee Samuels is a 22 years old South African Au pair based in Beijing, she currently works in a Kindergarten. She will share with us her experience in china for the past 4 months since arrival. 

Au Pair Shanghai - What made you want to be a participant in the Au Pair Shanghai program and decide to become an Au pair?

Sade- basically i had been studying when i applied to Au pair initially i had applied to go to another country, however the process in china  "matching process" that is Au Pair Shanghai seemed to be quicker then most so i was introduced to Au pair shanghai by my agency back home. I chose to participate in the Au pair program because like i said i always wanted to explore the world and when the opportunity came i took it, right after my graduation, being an Au pair gives you an opportunity to get to know other cultures and being a part of this program i have had a chance to learn a new language. i have had experience with kid before so it was an easy decision to make.

Au Pair Shanghai- Tell us how are you finding living in a new country, what are the challenges you have experienced as an Au pair, if any?

Sade- Surprisingly enough i was looking forward to living in a new country,and the fact that i was coming to Beijing was a bonus for me as i had adventures to fulfill. The challenge is of course the language barrier and the overall culture which is totally different to what i have been use to all my life and again its just a matter of adapting and accepting things as they are. But what i did not expect to experience was to be photographed while i'm just taking my usual walks or even just having lunch at the mall,but i have learnt to laugh it off. As an Au pair, the challenge is just that of ensuring you bring your best to the table at all times, missing home and frustration of  being in a different environment itself sometimes can discourage a person.

Au Pair Shanghai- Have you made any friends since you've arrived in China?

Sade- Most definitely i have made a lot friends, mainly with other Au pairs, which has been the best ever because we get to share our experiences and encourage each other. I have made Chinese friends as well, they take me out of western comfort zone and ensure that i get to learn more about their culture, more especially giving me the experience to try and enjoy different Chinese cuisines. 

Au pair Shanghai- Do you have any plans for the future? 

Sade- I have visited the great wall which was one thing that was in my bucket list, and i also vited the zoo in Beijing which has been on my mind since i arrived, going forward i would like to see more tourist attraction during my stay,make as many memeories as i can..Returning home in a couple of months i think i would like to further my studies.

Au pair Shanghai- What advice would you give other girls that wish to be part of the program?

Sade- Generally people my in my age group are normally afraid to move away from home, and it was tough for me too, but my advice is just give it a try, get the exposure and its not just about learning a new language and new culture alone but also look at it as a growth process, it takes you out of your usual life and makes you break out of your shell. It is a great experience.

Thank You Sade "Samuels" for your time, we wish you all the best going forward!!

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