Meet Genesis

Written by Admin,   on May 13, 2018

Genesis,28 years old from Venezuela. She is based in Shanghai, caring for two children boy (6 years old) and girl (11 years old).

" I know a lot of people here now that I do not feel alone"

Au Pair Shanghai- How did you hear about the program, and why did you choose to be an Au Pair?

Genesis - Back in my home country I had been working for an Au Pair agency, which is where I found out about the program. I chose to come Au Pair because I figured it would offer me what I was or had been looking for an that is a stable environment to stay, the program would also allow me to explore a different culture and learn a new language. I had been applying in different places and placement process in China worked out.

Au Pair Shanghai- How did you feel about leaving your country ?

Genesis - Leaving my country was a difficult decision to make but was the right one. It was the right decision because I was looking for a stable place to stay in and a country that allows me to grow up professionally and just as a person in general, I was also looking for quality of life so my move was well thought of.

Au Pair Shanghai- Have you managed to make any friends since your arrival in China?

Genesis - I have made a lot of friends not only with other Au Pairs, but also met other foreigners, because I joined different group in social media that allowed me to meet new people, I've yet met people from my country who have also introduced me to other people as well, I now know a lot of people here that I do not feel alone.

Au Pair Shanghai- Do you have future plans, care to share with us?

Genesis - I do have plans and that is to stay in China for a maximum of 3 years, find myself a stable job and save money, then move on the the next step which is to move to Europe.

Au Pair Shanghai- What advise do you have for other girls looking to Au Pair in China?

Genesis - My advice would be if you choose to Au Pair do it for 6 months the least because a year is a long time unless you are really committed to it. I would also advise that coming with a basic knowledge of the Chinese language is highly beneficial. They have to be very open minded to all that comes with the adventure and try to understand and adapt to Chinese culture and also be very active.

Thank You Genesis for taking the time to answer our questions, all the best for your future endeavors

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