Marriage Market in Shanghai

Written by Admin,   on Mar 27, 2020

In the very city center of Shanghai there is the famous People’s Square Park. Why is this park so famous? Well, every big Chinese city has nice parks and gardens, but People’s Square Park is absolutely one of the most interesting. But not because it’s more beautiful than other parks in Shanghai.

People’s Square Park is an attractive stop for tourists because one of the most typical activities takes place here. Parents gather together every weekend to look for a spouse for their sons or daughters. Locals also call the park “ The Matching Corner”. Well equipped with their child’s detailed CV (which includes photos, name, age, height and weight, education level, monthly income, personality type and also – crucial point – the Chinese zodiac sign) they try to promote them and get some matches for them.

As many young people in Shanghai work very hard to earn for their living and spend less time socializing with people, parents go there and search for them. This tradition has been here since 2004. In the matching corner people can even find a professional matching specialist.
It is really important for Chinese families to get their child married to continue the family lineage. What’s more, women over 25 years who are still single are called “Leftover Women” (would you like to be called like this?) These are the reasons why families can put a lot of pressure on their child about getting married, they can even say things like “You will dishonor the family if you don’t get married.”, “I won’t die unless you get married”, “You should be like your friend who already got married”…

During Shanghai International Film Festival a famous actor Sir Ian McKellen visited this infamous “marriage market”. He held a piece of paper up to the camera, which read: “Ian. 5’11”, 77 years, Cambridge University, house in London, still active”. The stunt appeared to be a joke – the actor smiled as he played the prank.

If you happen to be in Shanghai and you are curious about this unusual way of looking for a spouse or you want to find one for yourself, stop by!

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