Corona Virus - APSH statement

Written by Admin,   on Feb 19, 2020

Recently, the new coronavirus infection has occurred in China. The Chinese people and the peoples of the world are making every effort together to fight against the virus. The battle of this epidemic prevention and control requires not only the endeavor of medical staffs and scientists, but also the contribution and understanding of everyone. In the light of the current situation, OUTUO International would like to call upon our foreign friends to actively cooperate on the following issues:

I.To cooperate on the epidemic prevention and control, and pay attention to personal health If you are experiencing fever, dry cough, weakness, breathing difficulties and other symptoms, please see doctor and report to us as soon as possible.

II.Keep distance from infectious sources Please follow the official release of epidemic information and avoid visiting epidemic area or contacting anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms. Avoid close contact with wild animals or birds; eggs and meat must be thoroughly cooked before consumption.Avoid crowded places, parties and group activities. Correctly wear a mask (preferably a surgical mask) if you have to go out.

III. Keep personal hygiene Keep good hygiene by washing your hands often with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer.Cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue or your flexed elbow. No spitting. Dispose of used masks appropriately. Maintain proper ventilation and keep rooms clean.

IV.Please adjust yourself and protect your health. We believe that all of this will pass, and then you will continue to pursue your dream. Your health is our primary concern under such special circumstances. OUTUO International will always be with you.

For future applicants: We expect the situation normalizes soon. Our matching process is working normally and we are already recruiting au pairs who would like to start working in April.

If you do have any doubts or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to:

Best wishes,

Au Pair Shanghai.

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