4 Great Skills You Will Get In China

Written by Admin,   on Jun 22, 2020

China is country where everything moves and changes really fast. This can be a challenge for many people but at the same living in China can be a great opportunity to learn or develop new skills. Here are 4 great skills that you can get:


It might sounds obvious that communication is one skill you will improve while living in a country where the language is one of the hardest one but is not just that what will make you develop this skill. When one word can have several meanings depending of the tone you have to become an active listener.

At the same time, in China you will always find a Chinese person who wants to know everything about your life, they can ask really personal questions so you’ll always have the opportunity to practice your communication skills and the way you skip awkward questions.

In china you can find people from all around the world which enable you to learn how people with different culture communicate and also how you communicate with them your ideas in order to reach an effective cross cultural communication.

Self awareness

When you live abroad you might face difficult moments like being sick and don’t have anyone who take care of you, saying bye to people who you got attached in a short period of time, passing through a break up and don’t have your close friends to cheer you up or feeling lonely… all this moments suck but through these moments you can learn a lot about yourself, your personality, behaviors, habits, emotional reactions and motivations.


If you want to practice your negotiating skills you just have to go to any Chinese store excluding big supermarkets and malls. Just be ready for a time consuming day and be sure prepare your strategy and your limits before going into any store and start the negotiation. Chinese people can be really friendly in order to get what they want be careful with that.


People who decide moving to china must be flexible if they want to stay here for a while; if you are not flexible you will learn how to be flexible. Chinese culture is really different compare with western culture. You might find rude or disrespectful how they behave sometimes. Also things might look inefficient and complicated and you might think they don´t know how to do things or how to behave but you must remember that we are all different and China shouldn’t change something to make feel comfortable, when you decide you want to live abroad or travel to other countries you have to be open minded and learn how to be flexible in order to tolerate the cultural differences and learn from this.

If you want to expand your skills moving to China will be a great opportunity to do it and the challenge is bigger when you have to live with a Chinese family and take care of a Chinese kid. So if you like challenges we encourage you to join our au pair program.

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