Meet Karen

Written by Admin,   on Jan 15, 2020

Directly from Mexico to China, Karen is living in Shanghai and it's already been 5 months since she first landed in China. 

How did you come up with the idea of being an Au pair and how did you hear about the program?
Well become an au pair was something unexpected in the beginning, but when my boyfriend and I heard about be an Au pair it meant more, because it was the perfect opportunity to teach kids, study at the same time, learn another language and get a magnificent experience here.

Can you tell us about the matching process? What were your expectations?
The matching process was fast, I remembered that I have my interview with the family and the next day we arranged everything to travel to Shanghai and also It was good because my interview was directly with my host kid - his name is Ryan and he is 5 years old.

How was it to leave your country? What is for you the most challenging thing about being an Au pair?
It wasn't difficult leave my country because I have been out of my country, but this time it was far but I was excited to know other culture and have the experience of become an Au pair.
The most challenging thing was the language, and how to communicate because in some places doesn't speak English.

What is a usual day for you?
In the morning I take care of the baby, I teach him some words in Spanish by making Games for him. After that, I study mandarin or my online course.
In the afternoon I go with my host mom to pick up Ryan from his school, then We go to kung fu, skating class or another activity.
At night I practice with him new Spanish words and also I help him in spelling and writing Spanish words, and sometimes I teach him maths.

Have you made any friend since your arrival?
Yes, I have some friends from different countries, I like to talk with them about their experience here in China.

What are your future plans? How do you think you experience as an au pair in China is going to affect that?
My future plans are going to do an specialty in psychology in Spain so be an Au pair in China is going to give me more experience in my work with Children and also improve the knowledge that I got here in China.

Any pieces of advice for future Au pairs ?
Make the decision on becoming an Au pair is a big responsability because you have to be mature, easygoing and flexible at the same time, because you are going to be a apart of a new family with different ways of thinking, with different traditions and customes, but also become an au pair is a way to improve yourself, in knowledge, in maturity, in flexibility and capacity of teach and learn with children. Because learning is both ways. So, if you want to be an au pair I wish you the best, enjoy every moment and feel secure because Au pair company is always help you with every question that you have.

Thanks for taking your time to answer our questions Karen. Au Pair Shanghai teams wishes you the best luck for your future. 

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