China, How Fashionable Are You?

Written by Admin,   on Feb 29, 2020

As we all know, the definition of beauty differs from places to places, everywhere in the world. Consequently, Westerners and Chinese people have different point of view on what they can call fashionable and what they cannot. Here are some of the most popular fashion trends you are most likely to see here in China.

Sunny day, umbrella, really?

Have you ever wondered why do most of Chinese women are wearing umbrellas even on a hot sunny day? While westerners are literally dying to have the best tan ever, Chinese women see it differently. In fact, in the Chinese culture, beauty is defined by pale white skin while light skin is as a symbol of femininity and nobility. Historically, umbrellas were also representing a symbol of power, true works of art and limited to merchants, noble and royal families.

Leveling up the PJ’s game

As a western girl, I’ve always been told that wearing PJ’s in public wasn’t the best fashion move I could have done. Now in Shanghai, things are totally different. PJ’s is the trend! Wear them to go out for lunch, to go to the market or simply for a walk in your community, I guarantee you it won’t make you less of a fashionable person.

Split-pants everywhere

If some consider this trend a little gross, some others (Chinese mothers especially) would tell you it is the most amazing and most convenient trend ever invented on earth. In fact, split-pants are still pretty popular in China and often worn by Chinese children. Therefore, Chinese children can easily use the restroom whenever and wherever they want!

Honey, could you please carry my purse?

If you’ve ever traveled to China, you have probably noticed that most of the men carry their girlfriend’s or wive’s purses…. in public! Therefrom, you’ve probably secretly told yourself that it made them look effeminate and unmanly. Here in China, this is just another very popular and common trend. Men carry their significant’s other’s bag as a proof of their love and as another gentlemanly behavior like pulling out your seat or opening the door.

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