Let's meet Spencer

Written by Admin,   on Jun 3, 2018

Spencer 27 years old from Canada, currently based in Hangzhou, caring for a little boy.

"I have friends all over the country, I was even able to meet my fiancée in Beijing"

Au Pair Shanghai- How did you find out about our Au Pair program and why did you choose to Au Pair?

Spencer - I came across the Au Pair program on my own, I wanted to travel and Au Pair Shanghai gave Mr that opportunity. I chose to become an Au Pair because I like working with children and I have a lit of experience beforehand.

Au Pair Shanghai- What can you share about the placement process?

Spencer - The placement process was pretty good,  I managed to get to where I needed to be with the help of the Agency.

Au Pair Shanghai - How do you feel about leaving your country? 

Spencer - I love traveling so, I am not homesick too much , I was looking forward to the experience, I do however miss the food back home.

Au Pair Shanghai- Have you made Amy friends during your stay in China?

Spencer - I have made a lot of friends both in the agency and outside. I have friends all over the country, I was even able to meet my fiancée in Beijing.

Au Pair Shanghai - What does the future look like,do you have any plans?

Spencer - I am hoping to become a part of the Agency and help other Au Pairs with their trips to China.

Thank You Spencer for taking the the to answer our questions, wish you all the best with all your adventures.

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