Things To Know When Being Friends With Chinese

Written by Admin,   on Jan 8, 2020

“Gold is easy to get, a close friend is harder to find” this Chinese proverb reveals the attitude of the Chinese towards friendship – they appreciate it and believe that a good friend is difficult to find, but if you are lucky to become friends with a good person, you should value him.

If you wonder how to be a nice friend and want to find Chinese friend, be aware of these things:

• Language
If you come to China, you may find Chinese people who speak English, but this is not always the case!

• Regional differences
China is not a homogeneous society, so the ideas of friendship are different in different regions. In most cases, ideas about friendship in the South are dramatically different from the Western views.

• Food!
Yes, there is the food cult in China! And this is quite logical because there is a lot of food and it is incredibly tasty. Where is the best time to spend an evening with friends? In a nice restaurant!

• Close Friends Become Practically A Family
Chinese are very family-oriented. If you want to be close friends with Chinese, be ready for being the part of family gatherings and close communication with the parents of your friend.
They know much about your life (career, friends, hobbies and even dishes you like to eat)

• Friends In China Ignore Some Rules Of Politeness
The Chinese are polite and hospitable. They do their best in order to make the foreigner feel comfortable in their country and get only positive impressions. However, if Chinese considers you to be a close friend, some rules of politeness are ignored. For instance, they don’t say “please” and “thank you” because it makes them feel uncomfortable. They think that being friends means that it’s natural that they do everything for each other, so using “please” and “thank you” is superfluous.

• Friendship Is Based On Shared Hobbies
Chinese people love their culture, so if you want to be good friends Chinese, you should show interest in Chinese culture and learn much about it. If you want to find Chinese friend, show up at places, which you can find people of the same interests. Chinese people are outgoing and they like sports, music, art. So, be ready to hit the gym, bicycle trips, traveling, running, play badminton. Also, visit the art galleries, music shows, poetry readings.

• Friends Give Presents
To give small presents is a part of Chinese etiquette. If you go to your friend’s place, always bring something with you. An ideal option is to bring fresh supplies (food, drink) in sufficient quantity. But don’t try too hard, just bring enough to show that you paid attention.

• Bottom Line
Therefore, being friends with Chinese isn’t hard if you are open-minded, compassionate, friendly, hospitable, have a sense of humor and value private space. Once you’ve maintained a strong bond and trust with your Chinese friend, be sure, he will be your friend for life!

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