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There are several organizations offering au pair services in China, they each have different modes of operation. As a company we stand out from the rest due to our professionalism, honesty and dedication to help people who would like to work as au pair in China to be connected with the right families. View more

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New Family

Dear au pair: Hello! You are very welcome to come to our home! You will be our partner, our teacher, a friend of ours, a member of our family, you will let us live an unforgettable and amazing experience.! I’m your future host mom, I’m a housewife . I and grandma take care of babies at home. I like watching TV and surfing the Internet . I also like hanging out with friends. My husband works in a chemistry company ,which is very far from home . He is aften on business trip. My elder daughter is Michelle, she is 4 years old now and she is in a international kindergarten now. She is a very energetic girl, though She may seem a little bit shy . Michelle is very interested in music and she can speak some simple English. My little daughter is 1 year old now , her name is Winni. We have a nanny to do housework and cook for us ,she stays during daytime . I hope you can spend more time with my daughters ,playing with them ,telling stories to them, especially with my elder daughter. I don’t need you to do any housework ,the only thing you need to do is to accompany my daughter . I hope my babies can have fun during learning something. Also , I want to learn English . You can teach me some if you like. Michelle goes to school from Monday to Friday at 8:00 and goes back home at 3:00 in the afternoon. She has piano classes at Tuesday, dancing classes at Thursday ,drawing classes at Friday. We usually go to the zoo , supermarket and the park during weekends. You can come with us if you like . Winni gets up at 7:30 every morning . If the weather condition is good ,we will take her out. She usually takes noon nap at 1:00pm and gets up at 3:00pm . We live in Qingpu district . There are bus stations near the neighborhood . You can take Xujing No.4 to subway line 2. Life here is very convenient ,because we have Outlets, Carrefour, heaters and so on around. We can provide you a single room and free wifi . You can join us for meals . You can cook western food by yourself , we can provide materials to you . Finally, we say again welcome to you to become a member of our family and let us live an unforgettable experience.

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Very welcome you to our home! A member can make our home more, let my children more than a partner, a teacher, let me more than a friend. Hope you can let us add many joy. I am the baby's mother, I and my husband is an enterprise's CEO and chairman, my hobbies are sports, at ordinary times my Mr He is golf enthusiasts. We are all very like to travel, go to the movies and see the show. I have a pair of children, the eldest daughter called Wang Xiyu, 3 years old, her nickmane is XIXI , her character lively ,good move, some naughty, but to a person very warm, also very polite. She is very like swimming, reading, will only say some simple English words. My little son called 汪熙堃, now only 10 months, nickmane dong dong. Because of our work is busy, so baby's grandparents sometimes Take care of the baby at home. Hired an hourly worker aunt home do housework. Two children life is very regular, flowing to school every day ( you may have to help do some SIMPLE housework, 15:30,hum away from school, will play out or have class , generally speaking children will rest at 8:30 PM. so late is not recommended) I don't know how to arrange your schedule is? For fear of the old man will spoil the baby, so I hope you to accompany the children as much as possible, can take them to play games, telling stories, singing and dancing, and so on. C the aunt took dong dong, mainly want to let you can accompany the xixi, can let her in the English language environment, can get more information and pleasure, also hope to let the children feel different cultural atmosphere, can learn from your good quality. At the same time I also very happy to be able to learn some spoken English. Of course I can also teach you some simple Chinese, also let you know some Chinese culture. As for me, work is busy, almost have 1 ~ 2 days of rest time. Baby's father is only occasional weekend rest at home. If you want to. You can go to the park with me, baby, a zoo, bookstores, go shopping together shopping pleasure. We can take you on a tour of Shanghai. Xintiandi , my family live in Shanghai chestwood located at Shanghai xintiandi, close to the south of Shanghai xintiandi, Shanghai's fashionable shopping center, there are many restaurants and shopping nearby. Downstairs there is a bus stop and subway station, there are all kinds of stores around, the life and the traffic is extremely convenient. If you come to our house, we can provide you with a separate room (small, conditions) or with children (conditions), a wireless WIFI, one is you can use the toilet. On a diet, because the job is busy, may not be able to enjoy a meal together with you, hope you can show half the time cooking breakfast for you. If you're not used to or don't want to eat Chinese food, you can also use the kitchen burning western food, we can provide food. In the end, we sincerely hope you can come to our home, become a member of our family, bring us happiness and new experiences. Welcome your arrival

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Dear au pair: hello! Very welcome to our home! Let my child more than a friend, a teacher, let me more than a friend, let our home more than one member, let us more experience and pleasure of life. I am the child's mother, my job is in a hotel, usually likes the bookstore, gallery, etc. Children dad is entrepreneurs, usually like to play golf. My children to call Jason, boy, 12 years old, sister Kelly, 7 years old. At the international school, interested in drawing, playing the piano, the daily English communication no problem. So I hope you to join, let them learn English to more opportunities for exercise. At the same time we can get more information and pleasure, of course, I also can learn spoken English. I can teach you some Chinese, also let you know some Chinese culture. The children's life is very regular, at 7:30 in the morning to go to school, get home at 4:30 in the afternoon. Around my house there are all kinds of shops, restaurants, life and the traffic is extremely convenient. If you come to our house, we can provide you with a separate room, has a TV set, a wireless WIFI. On the diet, if you're used to or would like to eat Chinese food, can eat with us, we can provide three meals, snacks and fruits. If you're not used to or don't want to eat Chinese food, you can also use the kitchen burning western food, we can provide food. In the end, we sincerely hope you can come to our home, become a member of our family, bring us happiness and new experiences. advance Salute

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Nihaoaupair is the best site for finding the right aupair for your family. The design of the profiles assist you in finding the information you are looking for. We really appreciate their help in the search of our 5th aupair. Thanks a lot...

Within a week we were able to find a great match for our family through the help of the au pair coordinator who reached out to us. We received lots of inquiries through the site as well and interviewed a lot of experienced, motivated, and amazing young women. We will meet our new family member in a few weeks and we are thrilled to feel so ...more