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Au Pair Shanghai | The Leading Au Pair Agency in China Au Pair Shanghai | The Leading Au Pair Agency in China

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Job starts: Jul 2020

Emilio Andres

Job Position: Either

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Job starts: Sep 2020


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Job starts: Jun 2020


Job Position: Either

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Job starts: May 2020

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Dear Au pair, Hello, welcome to our family! My husband and I are both very outgoing personalities and are willing to make friends. I believe you will have a very memorable and happy time in our family! I am the mother of the baby, working in the public relations company, like travelling, shopping, watching movies. The baby's father is very busy, but we all have time to spend weekends with our children and take them out to play. If you like, you can join our family activities. We'd love to. This time you are invited to China, you need to accompany my daughter, she is 5 years old, is a lively and cheerful girl, she will use English for basic communication, I believe you will soon be a friend.8:30 am - 16:00 on Monday to Friday my daughter in the kindergarten, the kindergarten after you come back time is to need you to accompany her time, hope you can have more patience to accompany her to play and counselling her English, be her mentor. We have a home nanny, so you don't have to worry about housework and food problem, nanny will be solely responsible for, but the nanny will only burn Chinese food, if you want to eat western food that may need your cooking.In daily life, you can simply clean up your internal affairs and ensure your basic personal hygiene. There is subway station near my home, Nanpu Bridge is also very close, so either the subway or take a taxi travel is very convenient, if you need to go to a relatively inaccessible place I can get the driver to take you to there Finally, we sincerely invite you to come to our home and become a member of our family, so that we can leave a good memory for each other.

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Helloļ¼ You are very welcome to our house! Let my baby have one more partner, a teacher, let me have one more friend, let us have one more member, let us all have a share of life experience and fun. I am the mother of my baby. I am freelance now. I like watching movies, playing table tennis and skating. The baby's father is a businessman. He usually likes watching movies, playing football and swimming. My baby is called Pan Haoyan. The boy is 11 years old. He has a sense of order, a little timid, or a sense of security, and a little shy. The grandparents and grandparents often come home to see the baby. Grandma or grandma sometimes stay at home to help the baby. The family also asked an aunt to do housework and not to stay at home. Because the old man will spoilt the baby, so I hope you can try to accompany the baby to the book, play the game, do not need you to do the housework, the main company with the baby, let him learn English, while he can get more information and fun. I hope you can train him to be polite, patient, courageous, and so on. At the same time, I can also learn oral English. Of course, I can teach you some Chinese so that you can understand some Chinese culture. During the course of the baby, I can take you to experience the traditional Chinese food and enjoy the beauty of China. If you have the place you want to go, I can also be your guide. Finally, I sincerely hope that you can come to our home and become a member of our family, bringing us joy and new experience.

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Welcome to our home and be a member of our family, also be a elder sister of my baby. I hope we can have more pleasant time and make improvements through mutual learning and communication over each other’s culture. I’m your further host mom . I’m a manager in a investing company and the host dad works in a trading company ,we like watching movies and traveling. Our daughter’s name is Shawna, she is 3 years old now. She is an outgoing girl. She likes dancing and reading children’s books and listening to music. She can speak simple English words. My parents and your host dad’s parents come a lot to see Shawna .Your host dad’s parents live in the same neighbourhood with us ,they help me with babysitting and have meals with us. We have a part-time nanny ,she works 3 hours every day . We hope you can spend your time with our daughter ,playing with her, telling stories to her, teaching her swimming. We don’t need you to do any housework. All we want is that you can teach her English and bring fun to her . We hope you can tell her to be a polite and patient girl with courage. Also , I can teach you Chinese if you like ,and tell you about Chinese culture. We live in the downtown of the city. Xuanwu park(1.5 kilometers) and the big mall(1 kilometers) is near our house. Traffic here is very convenient . we can provide you with your own room. You can use the wifi and internet here. We offer you fruits and food . if you don’t like Chinese food ,you can cook your western food here, we can provide materials . You are welcome here! Hope you can have a nice trip here !

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We are looking forward to you can quickly join our family, and we live together, play together. My name is Amy, 36 this year, work in Siemens of Germany as project management, I love my work and family. My husband name is Neil, Mr Older, he is a good father and he love sports. He has his own company, his work times is fixed, occasionally there will be some work activities. We have a very lively daughter, she is 6 years old this year, now in the kindergarten, she happily every day to the kindergarten. She is very happy in the kindergarten, she has a lot of good friends, and she loves her teachers and friends. We live in a villa in Shanghai sheshan, surrounded by hills, botanical garden, happy valley, and China's ancient town and ancient sites. There are outletd nearby, cinemas and shopping stores. there is a subway station near my home, I would like to drive you to the subway station. Our family weekend occasionally lives in our another house in the center of the city, the house close to the people's square. usually our work and rest time is very regular. I hope you also like us. I can teach you Chinese at ordinary times, also can teach you do Chinese food. Our family is a happy family. You join our family, we hope that you can take care of children's safety. Can accompany her reading English, taught her how to learn English, to accompany her to play. Occasionally prepare meals for her, occasionally accompany her to sleep. If you have any question, you can open communication with us. I believe that because of different countries, cultural difference, but I believe that through the good communication can solve all the problems. Because we all put each other as friends and relatives. welcome to join our lives together ,spend a period of unforgettable day. Let us become each other's family and friend for all lifetime. Amy

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Customer Reviews

Nihaoaupair is the best site for finding the right aupair for your family. The design of the profiles assist you in finding the information you are looking for. We really appreciate their help in the search of our 5th aupair. Thanks a lot...

Within a week we were able to find a great match for our family through the help of the au pair coordinator who reached out to us. We received lots of inquiries through the site as well and interviewed a lot of experienced, motivated, and amazing young women. We will meet our new family member in a few weeks and we are thrilled to feel so ...more

Hello everyone, my name is Lilya, I'm 20 years old, I'm from Ukraine . I would like to share with you my three-month trip to China. It was a really cool experience. I studied their culture , met a lot of friends, Got an unforgettable trip and tried a lot of new things. First of all, I would like to note that people here are very positive and kind, they are always happy to help. Secondly, I got a good experience with children, I managed to love my host family and get attached to them. I taught the children to play the piano and English , we played deferent games and went for a walk every weekend. I also liked their food , especially Various kinds of fruit and their unbelievable nature.

HI!! My name is Valeria. I'm part of a robotics team to which I have dedicated 4 years of my life. This has given me so many good things, such as friends from all over the world, great knowledge in engineering, and the desire to show all children and young people that they can have a better future. In my family, at least among cousins, we have always been very close and I grew up taking care of them. All my life I have learned to look for the wellbeing of others. This makes it clear to me that I can do this, that it is something I want and that I will enjoy. As a nanny, I had the best years of my life and although I also have had some bad moments, I would not change it for anything in the world. Those moments are what make me love my job. My best experience as a nanny happened with my youngest cousin. I have been the person who takes care of him since he was born. It was the first time I heard him ask his mother "When is Vale going to take care of me? I miss her..."

Hi to everyone! The program is a good chance for you to encounter the great China and its culture. Be ready to face absolutely different mentality, habbits and nature of people who live here, always be polite and take the things easily and ubiased, enjoy your interaction with a great culture. The program also allows you to experince the Chinese language which may boost up your future carreer and opportunities. Living in a Chinese family will allow you to get to know the people and culture on a deeply level, I see it as a good experience for young people who are interested in travelling and would love to get involved with a new journey far away from your own home and family. My own piece of advice is to be polite, no predjudice and judge, and Chinese people will treat you with the great hospitality and kindness. Good luck!

My experience started on September 2018. I was always dreaming to come to China. So, I registered on web site and received a message from AuPair Shanghai. We had online interview with them few days later. They told me everything about AuPair program in China, every detail that I supposed to know. I completed form, sent them my introduction video.In a few weeks they told me that one family from Shanghai wants to have online interview with me. Few days later we had interview and it was success! I liked that family and they liked me. AuPair Shanghai sent me all the documents for my visa and in a few months I arrived to Shanghai airport. It was great time of my life, I really enjoyed every day with my family, studying Chinese at school and exploring around China. AuPair Shanghai made a great job, they prepared all the documents, instructed me in every question and supported me when I had some issues.

I want to thanks Au Pair Shanghai for the host family they found for me, they were indeed, the best match. I had a great time in China. I saw lots of different and amazing things and got to know amazing people as well. Was an experience that I’ll never forget!

My experience in China was one of the best things that hapen in my life, a desition I would never regreat. The families with I work/live were fantastic, they made every day in this country a wonderful adventure. Comunication sometimes wasn't easy, but the families and I always tried our best.

Hello everyone! I’m here to share my experience being aupair in China. My name is Klaudia and I’m 20 years old university student from Poland. I had been to China 3 months and I can truly say it was such an adventure and a very very good experience! As soon as I arrived family started treating me like a member of their. I accustomed to new area really quickly. I improved my knowledge about Chinese culture and my language skills. I met a lot of good friends and spent a great time with family. I also visited many beautiful places. I wanted to say thank you to Au Pair Shanghai they helped me a lot to accustom by orientation training and later with good advises how to get on well with host family. I can truly say that I will miss host family so much because I spend here happy time with them. Being aupair very quickly started to be not only a job but something I really do like. Thank you for making good memories.