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There are several organizations offering au pair services in China, they each have different modes of operation. As a company we stand out from the rest due to our professionalism, honesty and dedication to help people who would like to work as au pair in China to be connected with the right families. View more

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Location: Trencin,China Job starts: Sep 2019 Position is: Live In, Live In


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Either, Full or part-time
Jul 2019 - Jul 2020


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Either, Full or part-time
Jun 2019 - Jul 2019


Live In, Full or part-time
Jun 2019 - Sep 2019

New Family

Dear au pair: hello! Very welcome to our home! Let my child more than a friend, a teacher, let me more than a friend, let our home more than one member, let us more experience and pleasure of life. I am the child's mother, my job is in a hotel, usually likes the bookstore, gallery, etc. Children dad is entrepreneurs, usually like to play golf. My children to call Jason, boy, 12 years old, sister Kelly, 7 years old. At the international school, interested in drawing, playing the piano, the daily English communication no problem. So I hope you to join, let them learn English to more opportunities for exercise. At the same time we can get more information and pleasure, of course, I also can learn spoken English. I can teach you some Chinese, also let you know some Chinese culture. The children's life is very regular, at 7:30 in the morning to go to school, get home at 4:30 in the afternoon. Around my house there are all kinds of shops, restaurants, life and the traffic is extremely convenient. If you come to our house, we can provide you with a separate room, has a TV set, a wireless WIFI. On the diet, if you're used to or would like to eat Chinese food, can eat with us, we can provide three meals, snacks and fruits. If you're not used to or don't want to eat Chinese food, you can also use the kitchen burning western food, we can provide food. In the end, we sincerely hope you can come to our home, become a member of our family, bring us happiness and new experiences. advance Salute

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Welcome to join our family and we are so glad to stay with you. I’m host mother and I’m working in department of government, my husband works relative flexible. Our daughter is 5 years old and she is a introverted girl. She likes drawing and reading, we are friendly and king that you don’t need to worry. Our community is one of the best community in Mianyang, Sichuan. There is a large area of green space and well environment as well as beautiful views and integrated infrastructure. Around our community, supermarket, hospital and bus station is nearby. We hope our daughter could learn native English and you can create an environment for her speaking and listening and hope you can help her study happily. We will also provide our best for your coming and we are sincerely looking forward your reply. Best Regards

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We are a British family in London seeking a reliable aupair for our daughter. View our profile photo and contact us directly on the email therein for further details.

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I'm KAJO mom, and I've lived in Italy, Germany. My children and I live in the embassy district of Beijing. There are restaurants and supermarkets. Children in the German Embassy in kindergarten, learning german. He is chinese and German. His father often does business in Germany. We want our children to learn English at the same time, so we need to have an English speaking country. Monday to Friday children in kindergarten, at three twenty in the afternoon, we will live in the nursery school, the children are very convenient. After the nursery and children should play with the children as much as possible to speak english. Tell the children a bath after dinner. On the weekends I often go back to my grandma's house, and I often go to a restaurant with my uncle on Sunday. We need to have a good life, a sense of responsibility, trustworthy, good living habits, the key is not only in the effective time to play with the children, but also as much as possible and children speak english. Children now speak Chinese and German, English only contact, the beginning of a certain conflict, the language takes a long time to continue to repeat, not as a formula can solve the problem, so we want to have patience and endurance. I hope you are the one we want to find!

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Nihaoaupair is the best site for finding the right aupair for your family. The design of the profiles assist you in finding the information you are looking for. We really appreciate their help in the search of our 5th aupair. Thanks a lot...

Within a week we were able to find a great match for our family through the help of the au pair coordinator who reached out to us. We received lots of inquiries through the site as well and interviewed a lot of experienced, motivated, and amazing young women. We will meet our new family member in a few weeks and we are thrilled to feel so ...more

Hello everyone, my name is Lilya, I'm 20 years old, I'm from Ukraine . I would like to share with you my three-month trip to China. It was a really cool experience. I studied their culture , met a lot of friends, Got an unforgettable trip and tried a lot of new things. First of all, I would like to note that people here are very positive and kind, they are always happy to help. Secondly, I got a good experience with children, I managed to love my host family and get attached to them. I taught the children to play the piano and English , we played deferent games and went for a walk every weekend. I also liked their food , especially Various kinds of fruit and their unbelievable nature.