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New Family

Hello, we are a family from hangzhou. We would like to invite you to hangzhou. Our family has two children, the elder daughter is named zhou zhihan, has been in the fourth grade of primary school. little son is zhou ziheng, second grade in primary school, we are a family of four. Both children are very fond of piano and painting, and if you can do this, it is better to study and play with them. We like them very much in this the best age to learn English to be able to give them a good language environment, make them master idiomatic English, because it not only let them learned English since they were a child, let their future English learning easier, also for them to develop learning confidence. You can use the teaching methods you are good at to guide their learning. Of course, living with a reciprocal life can also increase their knowledge and cultivate their independence. We hope that you will bring the baby in addition to a language environment. There is a heart that likes them and can be friends with them. We like you to be an optimistic and patient person. At the same time you'd better have the experience of education children. The atmosphere in our family is warm, and we sincerely hope that you will come and become a member of our family, believing it is a happy journey.

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Dear aupair I’m the child's mother, my job is teaching foreigners (TCSOL-Teaching Chinese as second Language) English in college, I like to watch movies, travel, play badminton when I have free time . The child's father is a teacher, teaching in the Department of Civil Engineering and Earth (Architecture), he likes to watch movies, do some sports, and listen to music. My son’s name is Li Haoqian, he is 10 years old now. He has a strong sense of order, and he is a little sky , or you can say that he has security conscious, some impatience.He is Interested in machinery, and he likes watching movies, He can speak some English words. grandparents often visit us to take care of our son . We also invited a nanny, but she doesn’t live at our home. I hope you can giving them classes based on primary school subjects, play games with them, tell stories to them ,and do exercise with them,.I hope you can lead them to be a polite, patient, courageous people with good character. At the same time I can also teach you some Chinese, so that you can understand the Chinese culture better. Totally about 10 kids will be sent here in the morning and you need to teach them elementary lessons in English. Books adopt the edition of Hongkong Longman. Teaching them should have a regular routine. Lessons start from 8:30 am, then activity time at 10am downstairs, and lunch time at 12:30. Kids need to take a nap from 1pm to 2:30pm. And lessons begin after kids get up. Various interest classes begin from 4:30pm. Then kids have dinner at 6pm and go to bed at 9pm. I work for about 1-2 days one week and other times I am available. My husband stays at home only during weekend days. If you’d love to, we can go to parks, zoos, supermarkets and bookstores for relaxation and shopping. I live in Jinci Road, Taiyuan City (capital of Shanxi Province), which is in the center of Changfeng District. There is Changfeng Business District within 2 kilometers, Wal-Mart within 3 kilometers and Jinci Temple (a well-known tourist attraction) within 5 Kilometers. Nearby are a bus stop and a station for rental bicycle. Also you can find kinds of stores and restaurants around, which make the life here very convenient. We can provide you a single room and wifi .We can share Chinese food if you like ,and we wiil offer fruits and snacks to you. If you don’t like Chinese food ,you can cook what you want and you will buy you the materials. we sincerely looking forward to your coming and be a member of our family. Hope we all can get different and happy experience ! .

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Hello,welcome to our home,let our family add new member,give us the new experience. I have two childrens both study in international school,my daughter already 14years old,she like singing and playing guitar;usually she like cook cupcake and cookies in the kitchen.Jerry like any kinds of sprots,he is very lively and cheerful’s boy,I’m the family’s mom,just housewife,I like keeping fit,watch movie,read book.Kid’s father often very busy,but at weekends will stay at home. I hope everyday aupair can send and pick up kids to school,after class can together with them to complete homework,the paly with them.while kids go to school,if free,aupair can teach me English.or we can drink coffe together and go shopping.we often go abroad,so we are familier with western culture,this summer holiday we have plan to go England and America,at home sometimes we will eat simple western food,if you like cooking,also can communicate with each other. The accommodation very cozy,aupair have a separate room and bathroom,have Wifi and gym. That’s all,we all look forward to seeing you soon.

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Hi very welcome to China and become a member of our family! I am the host mom and I am doing brand building and marketing. The dad is doing a financial and investment job. Although the workload is heavy we are trying to be with the kid as much as we can. For the whole weekends we accompany the kid and we love sports, arts, watching movies and travelling. We will be travelling with the kid at home or abroad every quarters. We hope she can get involved with the big world, learning different cultures and making friends with people all around the world. She is 3 and a half years old now and we have already been to 4-5 different countries and about 10 cities at home. Her English name is Nina, she is active and independent. She loves doing all the things she can on her own and she knows some basic English words. Nina can be shy and not that patient sometimes so she needs time from us. Nina loves dancing very much and she is kind of talented at music and dancing. I also love dancing! So we hope you can respect her hobbies and do some interactions with her. At the same time we hope her view for the world can be built and she will love the nature. Nina gets up at 7 and has her breakfast at 9 every morning. She leaves home to the kindergarten before 9:30 which is about 10 minutes by car from home. She go back home at 4:30 and will be picked up by the driver and nanny. She usually does outdoor activities or play games at home. She takes shower after nine and after that we tell stories to her and she goes to bed at about 10 pm. We take her to parks, zoos, supermarkets or bookstores during weekends. We live at the opposite side of Conference Center Xiamen which is a Strait international community. And Xiamen is one of the famous tourist cities in China which attracts tourists all around the world. You can see beautiful sights at the house and we live near the famous sights in Xiamen. We will provide you with a separate room and a bathroom. There is WIFI at home. If you like you can have Chinese meal with us or you can cook for yourself. Last but not least, we hope you can be one of us and bring us brand new experience. Regards

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Within a week we were able to find a great match for our family through the help of the au pair coordinator who reached out to us. We received lots of inquiries through the site as well and interviewed a lot of experienced, motivated, and amazing young women. We will meet our new family member in a few weeks and we are thrilled to feel so ...more