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There are several organizations offering au pair services in China, they each have different modes of operation. As a company we stand out from the rest due to our professionalism, honesty and dedication to help people who would like to work as au pair in China to be connected with the right families. View more

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Location: Trencin,China Job starts: Nov 2018 Position is: Live In, Live In

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New Family

Dear au pair, How are you , welcome to our family! I am the Angle’s mother ,I am a bussness woman, Running a food company ,During my free time I’d like to go to cinema , g, the baby’s father is also a business man . . Our baby is called Angle, almost 12 years old, she study in the middle school now and can speak a little English well. Angle’s grandparents live with us .sometimes the grandmother help us with the house work and taking care of the baby.Even we have two nannies and a driver , we hope you can spend more time with Angle , talk to her in English ,play with her .accompany her , On the other hand ,We can also like to help your Chinese if you like . Angle’s life is very regular, gets up 06:50am ,07:15 have the breakfast .07:50 am go to school. 17:00 ariving home after class. spend aound 1hour on the homework and also 01 hour on practicing piano. We are living in Changsha province ,in the inner city ,regarding the meals everyday , you can join us in Chinese meal or you can also cook the west meal for yourself ,we will provide the food for you cook. Welcome to our home again, hope everything goes well zhang

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Dear au pair: Hi, welcome to our family ! I’m your further host mom. I quit my job and be a housewife when I had my second child. I like watching movies and playing tennis . Your host dad has his own career , and he goes out to business trips several times every month. He likes to watch news and swim. My daughter ,Sun Yihan, is 7 years old. She is an outgoing girl who has politeness. She likes drawing , dancing and swimming. Now she is in her first grade and learning English. I hope her English can be improved when you are in our family. My son ,Sun Zhenhe, is 4 years old .He is a cute boy and likes to be with her sister and do what his sister does. Now he is in his kindergarten . We have a nanny in our family and she cooks and clean for us. Kids’ grandfather and grandmother have passed away years ago. My dad lives in Tianjin and I’m her only child . We don’t have a very big family . The kids always want to have a big family and they really like people staying with us. I believe that it will be a great pleasure if you come to our family. I hope you can be their friends and teach them English with all kinds of ways ,such as dancing ,singing, telling stories, and so on . We don’t need you to do any housework, what we only want is that you can spend more time with kids. I can speak a little English . You can teach me English and I’m willing to teach you Chinese . I will tell you about Chinese culture . The kids have a very regular life . They get up at 7:00 in the morning ,have breakfast at 7:30. Then I’ll take them to school. They have their lunch at school. I pick them up from school at 4:00 in the afternoon. Our daughter does her homework and the boy watches cartoons when they arrive home. We have dinner at around 6:00 in the evening and then we’ll talk have do something funny at home. I hope you can spend more time with them when they are home. On weekends , we usually go out with friends , to the park ,the zoo ,book stores ,and so on . We can go shopping together if you like. We live in Dalian ,a beautiful city near the sea and our house is not far from the sea .It’ S about 2-5 kilometers from the supermarket , bank, gym. There’s a bus station in this community ,it’s very convenient . We can offer you your own room and bathroom. But sometimes you may use a bathroom with nanny. We usually have traditional Chinese meals, but if you are not used to it, we can provide the food you like, and you can cook by yourself. I think you will like our family and us because we sincerely looking forward to your coming! Sincerely, Hou Zhenni

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Dear aupair I’m the child's mother, my job is teaching foreigners (TCSOL-Teaching Chinese as second Language) English in college, I like to watch movies, travel, play badminton when I have free time . The child's father is a teacher, teaching in the Department of Civil Engineering and Earth (Architecture), he likes to watch movies, do some sports, and listen to music. My son’s name is Li Haoqian, he is 10 years old now. He has a strong sense of order, and he is a little sky , or you can say that he has security conscious, some impatience.He is Interested in machinery, and he likes watching movies, He can speak some English words. grandparents often visit us to take care of our son . We also invited a nanny, but she doesn’t live at our home. I hope you can giving them classes based on primary school subjects, play games with them, tell stories to them ,and do exercise with them,.I hope you can lead them to be a polite, patient, courageous people with good character. At the same time I can also teach you some Chinese, so that you can understand the Chinese culture better. Totally about 10 kids will be sent here in the morning and you need to teach them elementary lessons in English. Books adopt the edition of Hongkong Longman. Teaching them should have a regular routine. Lessons start from 8:30 am, then activity time at 10am downstairs, and lunch time at 12:30. Kids need to take a nap from 1pm to 2:30pm. And lessons begin after kids get up. Various interest classes begin from 4:30pm. Then kids have dinner at 6pm and go to bed at 9pm. I work for about 1-2 days one week and other times I am available. My husband stays at home only during weekend days. If you’d love to, we can go to parks, zoos, supermarkets and bookstores for relaxation and shopping. I live in Jinci Road, Taiyuan City (capital of Shanxi Province), which is in the center of Changfeng District. There is Changfeng Business District within 2 kilometers, Wal-Mart within 3 kilometers and Jinci Temple (a well-known tourist attraction) within 5 Kilometers. Nearby are a bus stop and a station for rental bicycle. Also you can find kinds of stores and restaurants around, which make the life here very convenient. We can provide you a single room and wifi .We can share Chinese food if you like ,and we wiil offer fruits and snacks to you. If you don’t like Chinese food ,you can cook what you want and you will buy you the materials. we sincerely looking forward to your coming and be a member of our family. Hope we all can get different and happy experience ! .

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Nihaoaupair is the best site for finding the right aupair for your family. The design of the profiles assist you in finding the information you are looking for. We really appreciate their help in the search of our 5th aupair. Thanks a lot...

Within a week we were able to find a great match for our family through the help of the au pair coordinator who reached out to us. We received lots of inquiries through the site as well and interviewed a lot of experienced, motivated, and amazing young women. We will meet our new family member in a few weeks and we are thrilled to feel so ...more