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Why Host families choose us?

One of the oldest au pair company in China, dedicated and committed in providing families

with au pair services which can be relied upon. We are known for our professional, highly trained and trusted au pair.

International teamwork; we have professionals from different parts of the world; this gives the host family a wide range to choose from.

Professional service package; where you are assured of getting the best, in terms of the referrals and also in customer services offered.

High quality candidates, au pair prospects who are well educated, disciplined and hardworking.

More safe au pair from the world, people who have been thoroughly vetted; you will easily gain their trust.

Perfect screening process to ensure we get only the best; we give the host families a chance to interview the au pair after vetting them. Through this you will get an au pair who meets your specifications.

Strict management system to ensure that the host family and au pairs are all satisfied

Program gives the host family a chance to select the au pair whom they want to take care of their family

We have global partners in different parts of the world

Au pair in China dedicated to giving the best service and at the same time ensure the satisfaction of all the parties.