Why be a Demi Pair

As a student, wanting to learn the Chinese language, this is a great program set for that; you will be immersed in the culture, at school as well as with a Chinese host family. Working part time with the Chinese host family will allow you to learn all aspects of the culture, history, clothes, food, and Chinese language.

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This will allow you to focus in your school work, as you will only work for your host family part time, you will experience everything in their Chinese life, traveling, celebrations, holidays to name a few.

Being a demi pair in China, is a great way to survive as you do not have to worry about where to live and eat, as you will live at your school, with meals available from the school as well as during your hours of work with your host family you will consume meals with them for free. You can save the extra money, to use for your personal needs, or save for when your return home, have a wonderful learning experience, from school and the host family you will work with; are great reasons to be a demi pair in China.

You will be able to complete your educational program, and be part of this wonderful experience, you will perfect your knowledge of Chinas history and the language. Your stay will involve helping the host family with basic, domestic work, as well as caring for the child/children; the most important teach them the English language, as they teach you how to use the Chinese language in conversation.