What is a Demi Pair

A Demi Pair is a young adult, who is a full time student, part time Au Pair; traveling to a foreign country wanting to study, and build on their language skills. This is a great program as it offers the student the opportunity to perfect their language skills and learn more about the local culture in China.

Demi pairs, work part time, helping the host parents with their children, and some domestic work; being able to practice their lessons in real life; making this an awesome way to experience the wonderful food. The Demi Pair in China will become part of the family, in exchange caring for the child/children, preparing meals, and other daily needs, most of all helping with learning the English language, using in conversations.

. A demi pair is a young adult aged between 18-29, seeking an opportunity to complete some of their studies, accepting a position working with host parents, being responsible with their loved ones, sharing family and cultural experiences; this will also be an added plus in your portfolio for future employment. If you’re ready to travel, learn more about China then you could imagine, learning about the culture, food, clothes, holidays, and language; this program is for you, fill out application contact us, and let’s get the steps going.