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Frequently Asked Questions

The term “Au pair” comes from the French languages and means “at par” or “by mutual agreement”. It is a young person aged 18 to 29, who travels abroad for a temporary period of time and lives with a host family. He/she helps the Host Family with childcare and light housework and in exchange he/she gets the home, language and culture exchange and invaluable experience.
If you want to become an Au Pair, please read the requirements on our site. If you’re Host Family, please read your terms of participation.
No, an Au Pair is not an employee. Au Pair comes to the Host Family as a family member. It has to be treaten as the eldest sister or brother. It is not a wage work, when you get a salary for your job, our program is focused on language and culture exchange and mutual benefit.
Before arriaval an Au Pair needs to self-pay the ticket and Visa costs. When he/she arrives to China, his expenses will be compensated.
Whe shall discuss this question with each applicant individually, depending on the origin country and contract length.
No, we don’t have any restrictions, however most of the families require girls being their Au Pair. But it doesn’t mean that we cannot find the right family for males. Some families with boy kids prefer the male Au Pairs to take care of them.
Au Pair responsible for childcare and light housework. It means that he/she is only responsible for kids and cleanliness in the house, and cannot do home repair, gardening, pool cleaning, etc.
There must be a signed written agreement between the host family and the au pair outlining the obligations of both parties. In addition, the sponsoring organizations generally require the host family and the au pair to sign.
According to the rules and regulations of China Au Pair Association and depending on the both parties agreement, Au Pair can stay between 3 to 12 month.
Au pairs are entitled to a private bedroom, 3 meals/day , WiFi, a monthly pocket money of 1000 RMB and at least one day and a half days off in a week.
Free visa application - Airport picking - Orientation course - Flight ticket allowance - Free mandarin lessons 4-6 hours a week - Host Families provide pocket money for Au Pairs 1000RMB/month at least