Work Stay & Study

If you’re a full time student, wanting to study in China, needing to make some money and having a place to live is important; as a Demi Pair, you can work part time, helping a host family, with their child/children.

You will live at the school you are attending, you will be immersed in the Chinese language, culture, and lifestyle; at the same time you will share your life experiences and teach the family most of all their child/children the English language.

If you’re a young adult, that is seeking an opportunity to travel and live in China, while completing your education, then Demi Pair is for you. While caring for the child/children of a host family, spending time with them will be like going home for a few hours, while you travel with them on errands, perfecting your use of the language in real life experiences; this will make it easy for you to stay focused on your studies.

pNo matter what your goals in life are, adding this experience to your portfolio will help you stand out in a crowd. As a Demi Pair, you will show you are dependable and can be trusted, employers find that a plus; the demi pair program is organized to support you while completing your studies, you will have a place to live, earn some money; the best thing is you will be able to experience Chinas culture and language first hand. au pair in china , demi pair in china,shanghai au pair


Short Course – Au Pair special
Class times 8:30 am to 12:10 on weekdays
Duration of course is 16 weeks (one semester)
(subject to module length for one other semester)

We can help you with applying for a program at university.
For your reference there is a list of some programs and prices in Shanghai:

1. Shanghai Finance and Economics University 9000RMB/semester, business chinese 9000/RMB

2. Fudan University 10500RMB/semester

3. Tongji University 16400RMB/year

4. Shanghai University 8750 RMB/semester

6. Jiaotong University 9100 RMB/semester

7. Shanghai International Studies University

Length of Schooling Tuition RMB
One semester 8,950
One year 17,900
One month 3,700
Two months 5,750
Three months 7,350