Working Hours : 18 hours per week, exact time is arranged by the family. Students are not required to work during the time when their classes are scheduled. Students can agree to work extra hours, whereby an allowance will be paid. If you fail to work required 18 hours per week that will terminate your contract and you will be asked to leave the family.

Free time : 1 full day off per week, providing that the student has completed her duty hours for the week. Flexibility with hours can be negotiated with families

Placement : The matching of students and families is the responsibility of the Au Pair Shanghai coordinator, taking into accounts a student’s application details and family application details.

Duties : You will help with the general housework and the children. Here are examples of tasks that your family may require you to do and that you will be expected to do – ironing, laundry, vacuuming, washing floors, dusting, cleaning toilets and bathrooms, washing up after meals, loading/unloading the dishwasher, in addition keep your own room clean and tidy, but usually most of families have a housekeeper.

In the mornings you may be expected to do things such as – wake the children up, help them to get dressed, give them breakfast, get them ready for school, and take them to school.

In the evenings, duties may include picking the children up from school, helping them to take their bath and supper, getting them ready for bed, helping them to do their homework. In some cases, you may be expected to help/cook/prepare dinner.

Advice : We encourage you to sit down with your family and talk about their house rules and expectations. Discuss any problems or questions with your host family so that both you and the family are clear about what your duties are. Do not wait to be asked to do things. Be considerate and helpful. Be polite and remember to say ”please” and “thank you” and always arrive back home at time that is acceptable for the host family.

Hygiene : It is important to be neat and tidy - not only concerning your own personal hygiene, but also children’s hygiene (help them to brush their teeth, hair, keep clean). You will be expected to be awake and ready each morning before the children wake up.

Confidentiality : Please remember to keep the personal and business affairs of your host family confidential all time. Do not discuss any private problems between you and your family with your classmates. This must be referred to your family and the Au Pair Shanghai coordinator only, who will help you to deal with any issues.

Drugs and alcohol : You are not allowed to consume alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol (or other illegal drugs) when you are in charge of the children. If you break this rule you will be asked to leave a family.

Smoking : The majority of families requires non-smokers. If you are a smoker, you must be prepared to smoke only outside the host’s house.

Friends staying over : You must never invite your friends for a meal or to sleep over without the permission of your family.

Communication : Communication with the family is essential, discuss any future plans. Always tell them if you are not at home for dinner or you if you stay at your friend’s house overnight.

Length of stay : The length of stay will depend on the length of your Chinese Course. Families prefer a Demi Pair to join their family for 3-12 months as it takes some time to settle into a family and to become familiar with to each other. A minimum length of stay is 3 months (12 weeks).