Placement Fee

Traveling to China to study, is a big decision, and takes dedication; it can be scary when you are not sure what to expect. Once you connect with the agency and get everything going, you will be happy to know that, the agency is here to support you from the day you, get started till you return home.

The service delivered from the agency is free to you as a demi pair; we are here to help you; to get you matched with the right host family. You will not have to worry about cost of living, much less finding a place to live; the school you choose will provide accommodations, and meals, allowing you to save money. The agency will match you with a host family that will pay you for small, duties, caring for their child/children; and small domestic duties; as well as the agency will pay you, for your time.

This will allow you to, earn some income and use the money to save or explore your surroundings; you will have time to go out with your host family, and or the other demi pairs you will meet and become friends with. Your earnings will be yours to use for your personal reasons, or to buy souvenirs to take back home with you; what a wonderful way to remember your home away from home.