Classes & Universities

Short Course – Au Pair special

Class times 8:30 am to 12:10 on weekdays
Duration of course is 16 weeks (one semester)
(subject to module length for one other semester)


  • Shanghai Finance and Economics University 9000RMB/semester, business chinese 9000/RMB
  • Fudan University 10500RMB/semester
  • Tongji University 16400RMB/year
  • Shanghai University 8750 RMB/semester
  • Jiaotong University 9100 RMB/semester
  • Shanghai International Studies University

Length of Schooling Tuition RMB
One semester 8,950
One year 17,900
One month 3,700
Two months 5,750
Three months 7,350

If you like to go other universities or other cities such as Peking, Chongqing etc. you can contact us and we help you to apply for university.