The agency will provide these services to the au pairs

Consulting process before come to China: This will equip the potential candidate with all the vital information. They will be in a position to make informed choices. They will also have a chance to know all the requirement while taking an au pair job in China.

Arrange interview with the host family: After ascertaining that a candidate has what it take to be an au pair in China, we will arrange for the two parties, that the host family and au pair services provider to meet. The au pair will be contacted and when they agree they are free to a relationship as a host family and an au pair.

Visa training
Preparation to China: this is to ensure that the au pair has all the necessary information and documents before entering china. There are different types of visa and each has different requirement. At the end of it all you will need to make a decision on the type of visa which you need, we will help you make that decision.

Pick up at the airport: Arrangements will be made to pick the au pair at the airport. This will make sure that you are not stranded upon arrival and also no extra expenses are incurred in hiring taxi and accommodation.

SIM card/accommodation registration in the police station: These are some of the requirements for all foreigners who intend to stay in the country for long

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Orientation training: To make the au pair comfortable an orientation program has been put in place, you will be trained on your roles as an au pair as well as given tips on how to stay with the host family. This will help you in understanding your roles as an au pair; it will also give you a softer landing in your new assignment.

Working schedule assistance: You will be given a typical working schedule to acquaint you with the new roles and also prepare you for the undertaking as an au pair in China.

Emergency calling: In case of an emergency, we will give you the contacts that can be easily reached

24/7 supportive service: The agency is always available to offer any supportive services related to au pair services.

Monthly activity: There will be au pair monthly activities to help you adapt easily as well as make your stay successful.

Mandarin classes’ coordination: For those who need to study mandarin classes are available, the agency will organize and coordinate the classes.

Monthly training for au pair job, this will serve as a refresher course, it will also be a forum where people can share their challenges related to their work and get an impetus on how to deal with them.

Encouragement works to make the experience as an au pair the best one can ever have.

Psychological assistance for those who may be emotionally troubled in the course of working as au pairs.