To work as an au pair in China there are some basic requirements that one should meet. They include:

One is expected to be between the ages 18-29 years old, should have at least a high school diploma. The candidate should not have any criminal record and should be declared medically fit.

In terms of character the individual should be mature, independent, positive, outgoing and energetic. One should be conversant with at least one of the major languages in the world but the family may be categorical of the language they need to teach the kids. Most families prefer English speakers; there are some who will need a person who can speak more than one foreign language or a given combination of languages such as English and German. If you have plans to work as an au pair in China, learning a foreign language is mandatory, it gives you more prospects as far as the host family choice is concerned.

For the families which insist on the English, one must be a good English speaker, the accent will matter to, one should have a native accent, this will allow the children and the family to understand easily. An individual who speaks English with a heavy local accent may find it hard to communicate at an international platform, therefore we insist on a native English speaker accent.

One should also have an experience on childcare; the candidate must have some proof that has taken care of the children. One must also be a good au pair, can be relied upon to stay with the children, take care of them and also teach English. The proof need not be documented, experience can also count, and above all demonstrating that you have the basic ideas on what the childcare entails is evidence enough that you have the skills which are required. You must be a person who is patient with the children, need to appreciate that they can at times be difficulty. You need to demonstrate that you can handle such situations easily.

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One must be ready to work for au pair in China; this should be clearly stated when applying. This is a vital requirement, one needs some prior preparations, at least to familiarise yourself on what is expected, how the country is like. We encourage candidates to learn more about China, so that when they get here, they are already familiar with some of the requirement, this make life a bit more easy for the visitor.

Good relations with people is mandatory, the candidate must be a respectable person given that will be living with the family. One should also understand it will be her responsibility to take care of the whole family. As an individual you need to learn that you will be working in an environment totally from what you are accustomed, you will need to learn their ways, appreciate the differences and also accommodate the changes.

Communication skills need to be perfect, given that you are moving to a new culture; you must be ready to learn how to handle your host family. It is only through having good communication skills that you will learn and adapt easily in the new environment.

In general, you need to be of majority age and again, young enough to be employed as an au pair. You also need to be a person who is respectable, honest, hardworking and eager to learn new things.