Au Pair in China

The type of Au pair services available in China are quite different from what you will find in Western countries. In China, more focus is on the helping the kids to learn English or a foreign language. An individual offering these services will not be engaged in a lot of housework. One has the opportunity to perfect mandarin skills and at the same time help the children in the host family learn a new language.

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In most western countries Au pair services mainly involves doing some household chores, an individual will be required to clean the house take care of the children and the aged and a host of other household chores. In China au pair services are a bit different, the amount spend doing household work is greatly reduced compared to what happens in the western nations. In most families an au pair will spend most of her or his time taking care of the children, teaching them and even playing with them.

Au pair in China for exposes an individual to the Chinese ways of live including learning the Mandarin language at a family level. It is a golden opportunity for students and other individuals who may have taken a break from their studies or other activities. Here they have an opportunity to live in a family where everything is provided, in return they offer their services, where they can be charged with the role of taking care of the children, dropping them to school and picking them at an appropriate time, making sure they are fed, playing with them and also teaching them a foreign language. Most families are preferring au pairs who can teach their kids English, right from the early ages. At the same time the au pairs have an opportunity to learn Chinese, apart from attending the mandatory periodic Mandarin lesson, the au pair has a chance to learn it at the family level, by the time they will be completing the program, they will have acquired the necessary skills and even mastered the language.